Azure Visual Studio Subscription Errors

I don’t know if Microsoft does their testing in the VS subscriptions or what, but I’ve had many random issues in there over the last while — and a few weeks ago, it culminated in a resource failing to create, and suddenly, my activity log appears to be in French.

Recently, my PowerShell Runbook, which works fine in a non-VS subscription, started failing with weird errors. It’s the exact same code and setup as in another non-VS subscription, which does not get this error.

Unable to acquire token for tenant 'organizations' with error 'Method not found: 'Void Azure.Core.TokenRequestContext..ctor(System.String[], System.String, System.String, System.String, Boolean)'.'

Today, I was trying to set up an Elastic Job agent. I’ve done it before without issue, and its failure to create shouldn’t suddenly cause my activity log to be in French.

Has anyone else seen this weird behavior in their VS subscriptions?

Update: Today, I have an Azure PG Flex server in a provisioning state for hours.

If I click on it for more details, I get a page saying it’s not found.

I’ll have to see if it goes away on its own. I also tried to perform self-diagnostics, but it shows that everything is fine.

So, it’s yet another oddity in my VS subscription in Azure.

Update again: It’s still there the next day, stuck in provisioning. I also tried to list it from the cloud shell, but it doesn’t exist. A friend asked me if I could delete it from the CLI, but I cannot. It’s in my portal list still as provisioning with no way to remove it.

Now, I can’t run my Terraform code because it can’t modify something in a state of deletion.

Apparently, Microsoft is trying to delete this server, but can’t? Thankfully, this is just a test setup, so I can rename the PG flex server in my Terraform code to create a new one, but really, this is a mess. And Terraform was able to create a new one when I provided a new name. This is not on Terraform.

I haven’t seen any random French in my activity log lately.

Here’s an update on the stuck Azure PG Flex db: It’s gone after days of sitting there in a provisioning state.

More with Azure PG Flex and Terraform:

It says RegionIsOfferRestricted.

I change it to another region:

It seems to think it exists in that region where it said I couldn’t create it. I’m so confused now!

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