Config SSL for SQL Server

The following procedure describes how to configure SSL for SQL Server.

To configure SSL
Install a certificate in the Windows certificate store of the server computer.

Click Start, in the Microsoft SQL Server program group, point to Configuration Tools, and then click SQL Server Configuration Manager.

Expand SQL Server Network Configuration, right-click the protocols for the server you want, and then click Properties.


This is the Protocols forsection in the left pane of the tool, not a specific protocol in the right pane.

On the Certificate tab, configure the Database Engine to use the certificate.

On the Flags tab, view or specify the protocol encryption option. The login packet will always be encrypted.

When the ForceEncryption option for the Database Engine is set to Yes, all client/server communication is encrypted and clients that cannot support encryption are denied access.

When the ForceEncryption option for the Database Engine is set to No, encryption can be requested by the client application but is not required.

SQL Server must be restarted after you change the ForceEncryption setting.

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